Pondering the nature of purchasing

Janet Carr @

photo copy 19 Me, gleefully holding my Vintage Pink Malden and Tan Belmont A5 – both discontinued and very hard to find!

There is a whole science to shopping. We don’t realize it, but we are herded like sheep (and yes, as shoppers, we ARE sheep) through shops in a way that maximizes our desire to spend.I was sure I had already written an article about it but cannot find it now, though I did find a similar onehere.

From the smell of fresh bread encouraging us to buy, to the sweets and magazines at the checkout counter, all is carefully planned. Loss-leaders like cheap toilet paper (usually placed at the end of the aisles) entice us into the store but then once in, we buy other more pricey things too. More expensive items are placed at eye level on shelves while the cheaper stuff you have to crouch or stretch…

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