Shopping haul!

It’s the start of summer, so I am getting out quite a lot. Today was a trip to Skipton, as it was Bank Holiday Monday, and an impressive shop for someone who wasn’t supposed to be buying anything.

1) NU Tough notebook. It’s made of stone! I’m not convinced that it’ll take pen as well as it claims, but as it’s waterproof it’ll be a very useful addition to my travel collection

2) Peter Pauper Press Classique journal. I first saw these in Skipton, didn’t buy one and regretted it until today when I went back to the same shop and brought one home with me. It’s gorgeous, and I can’t wait to find something to put in it.

3) Tesco gel and ball pen set. It was £5 for 20 pens, and they’re as you’d expect. I like a few of the gel pens but none of the ball pens. For doodling and shoving in the bottom of my handbag, they’ll do.


I’ve also placed a bid on a gorgeous rollerball pen on Ebay. It’s a beautiful thing, but there’s only an hour and a bit left to go and I’m too tired to watch the auction count down. I’ll find out in the morning if I’ve got it.

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