New Notebook Time

I’ve finally filled out my skinny little WH Smith notebook – it took longer than expected,  but that’s because I spread myself over a dozen different notebooks all over the place. I either need to stop doing that, or do it consistently. At the moment I keep one all-weather notebook to hand, and then start a new notebook for a new project when it gets to the point it needs one and take the notes out of the all-weather one. The top of my old one is fluttered with post-it notes marking all the changes of topic as I went along.  It served me well, but wasn’t exactly inspiring. I’m looking forwards to getting to use the new one.

Psychedelic Notebook

This is the outgoing notebook. A psychedelic WH Smith thing, nice and floppy and slim for handbags, and I think I got it for free for doing the Freecycling at the end of my last uni year. It’s been going a couple of months, so there’s some fun maps and short stories in there.

Notebook cover with butterflies and birds and a 'Live, Love, Laugh' motif.

Here’s the new notebook. It’s a Punch Studios journal from TK Maxx, fairly thick with silver gilt page edgings. The pages are very pale purple, with fairly wide lines and a nice soft touch.

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