Using Your Writer’s Notebook

Way of the Wordsmith

I have mentioned several times that writers ought to have at least one writer’s notebook that they carry around with them everywhere. That begs the question, what does one do with their writer’s notebook?

While writing is as individualistic as any art form, there are some basic things many writers do and should do in their writer’s notebook.

Character sketches can be done in many ways, but in whatever way you choose to do them, just write them. They are generally indispensable when planning a story, unless you are a ‘pantser’, a discovery writer, and want to get to know the character as the reader would. Even then, character sketches are great creative exercises.

Plotting stories can be useful if that’s the kind of writer you are. I am inclined to believe that I am a planner, as I love knowing how I’m going to get to the end of…

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