More kit

Glue. I know, I talk about some exciting stuff.

The Pentel Dotliner glue mouse

Back in April, which seems a very long time ago, I went to the London Stationery Show and got some fabulous free samples to play with. Fast forward to today and a card making project, and I finally had the opportunity to use the Pentel Dotliner. It’s just like correction tape, except it leaves behind rows of tiny tiny dots of glue. It’s not brilliant for anything really small, or for uneven surfaces, but for simple card-making with two surfaces and a butterfly to stick together, it’s proved incredibly useful.
The one I’ve got, being a sample, is just a 5m roll (I’ve not used 5m of glue in the last 5 years, but I suspect this is about to change). It’s refillable and easy to tighten up when it gets loose, which it does with frustrating regularity. The glue is acid-free, so perfect for scrapbook projects and anything where preservation is important, and it is visible when wet. Even better, the mouse also comes in pink and green. It’s not the cheapest, but for convenience it’s epic (as long as you don’t also have a correction mouse, because picking the wrong one up to seal an envelope would be annoying).

I’ve also been using Tesco’s basic crafting glue stick. It’s only 50p a pop, which I like, but my favourite thing is that it goes down purple and dries to clear, so you know when you’ve got complete coverage.

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