Even more shiny!

Someone stop me shopping.

Today I went to Leeds, to show my best friend around my favourite stationery haunts. She knew of Paperchase, but most (even The Pen Shop) were new to her. So… sorry, Helen. (She also got me a gorgeous present, but more on that tomorrow!)

(Clockwise from top) Jazzi bag from TK Maxx, Blott gem pencil, Faber-Castell pencil, Pentel Tradio in purple, Wreck This Journal, a Kingsley elastic-close journal, and a Peter Pauper Press journal.

I started out in Huddersfield, but that was merely to retrieve said Helen and catch a train. Our main destination was Leeds, where I introduced her first to Blott, where I got the black pencil at bottom-right and the Pentel Tradio in purple, and she got quite a lot of erasers and other shiny.

Next stop was The Pen Shop, who didn’t have a pen that my bank balance and I fell in love with. Last time I got very lucky with the Kingsley Buckingham, but they didn’t even have the same offer on ink as they do online. Instead I bought a Kingsley journal, because what I need is more notebooks.

From there we went to Paperchase, where Helen imbibed of the card selection and I lusted, from a distance, over an embossed journal, and thence to WH Smith, where I acquired the Peter Pauper Press journal at top-left and the soft pink Faber-Castell pencil between the Blott purchases. There were also some crafting supplies, but those have gone into a crafting box, and were frankly dull anyway.

TK Maxx drew a blank. I don’t like their notebook selection at the moment, save for the Robert Frederick A4 journals, of which I have two already. I very nearly bought a painting, and very nearly cried when I realised it was damaged. At least I didn’t have to try to get it home on the train. Helen bought letter paper, so she’d better write to me.

I then had to wave her off at the station, and stopped into the Paperchase there for just long enough to pick up a pack of coloured ink cartridges, and then made my way to Bradford and yet another TK Maxx. They also didn’t have anything interesting in the stationery line, and didn’t have a print of the painting I loved, but did have cute bags. I really needed one of those by then, because I also picked up an entire rainforest of travel brochures from Thomson.

Bradford had one last treasure – Waterstones. I’ve pretty much given up on Waterstones for notebooks, because they stock mainly Moleskine and Paperblanks, which I consider to be not nearly attractive enough for the prices, especially compared to Eccolo and Peter Pauper Press. They did, however, have Wreck This Journal, which I picked up out of curiosity along with a book called Fangirl. I may regret both.

I put a purple ink cartridge into the Kingsley Buckingham, and proceeded to fill half a dozen pages. I still love the feel of the pen, and the ink is a lovely luscious colour, far stronger than I was expecting from a fairly cheap bag of cartridges.

Paperchase purple ink cartridge, from a mixed bag of 50, in the Kingsley Buckingham fountain pen.

The Pentel Tradio in purple is a nice, smooth writer with a fairly broad stroke at 07. It feathers a little on this paper, but mostly sticks, and it is a lovely shade of purple.

Pentel Tradio in purple, and the pencils below, in a Punch Studios journal.

6 thoughts on “Even more shiny!

  1. I have to say that one of my local Waterstones has a surprisingly good selection of notebooks and ephemera. There are high streets where my other half makes me cross over to avoid having to extricate me from their paper-based ephemera.

    • The one in Leeds is pretty good, but they still go for the stuff that’s more expensive than stuff I like better.
      I do need someone to steer me away from these places. Everyone I know is a hopeless enabler, including my mother, who by the time I’d extricated myself from the craft department had selected curtain poles last time we went shopping. (I am so unconvinced by that sentence structure, but I can’t untangle it either)

      • I think you’re saying that the last time you went shopping, you were in the craft bit so long that your mother had been and selected curtain poles (presumably your mother takes a long time to choose her interior decoration staples). Or at least that’s what I’m taking from it … 😉

        There are a couple of very nice stationery shops that I actually refuse to go in … because they are very nice.

  2. Notebooks in TKMaxx tend to be more plentiful around Christmas I find. Very few in my local, then I found some more in another isle in the clearance section, so worth a scout round, unless you’re trying *not* to buy.

    • I got really lucky back at Easter, when they had the Eccolo World Travellers in, and since then I’ve scored on crafting goodies and even more storage boxes. I used to have a Homesense within walking distance of my house, and that place was lethal.

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