It’s (finally) In The Box

My store has finally gone live. Creativity In The Box is my baby, where I get to find and play with beautiful stationery, and then put my favourite things together in really beautiful storage boxes. It’s a gift hamper of stationery, because it’s all I ever want people to buy for me and you just can’t find them. Well, now you can.

Click on the picture to go to my store.

Click on the picture to go to my store.

I’ve been working on this since February, so I’m a bit behind schedule even though I’ve had the stock in since April. This really is a taster set of all the stuff I was using at the time, and I’m already really excited to start on the next one. Well, the one after next. I’m off on a trip to South East Asia next month, so the next set will be launched on my return, and will be full of goodies from and inspired by my travels.

I’m still carrying out the survey to find out what you’re interested in, and I’m giving away one of my large Peacock sets as a prize for someone who completes the survey. Emails will be drawn at random when I reach 100 responses, and there’s only four of the peacock sets available in total, so this is a good opportunity to grab one on me. I’m also asking for suggestions, and if I use your suggestion and leave your email I’ll give you the first of that set as a thank you.

There’s lots of exciting developments happening at the moment, and a lot of testing (and shopping) going on. Watch this space for more.

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