Now that’s a character.

Our elder statescat died this afternoon. In quintessential George style, this was several hours after neighbours woke us to tell us she was dead in the road. She wasn’t, she was just asleep, but she was so weak it was hard to tell the difference. She was 17 years old, give or take a week, and I’ve been missing the cat she used to be for a couple of months. This spring she was still taking birds, so the decline has been quick and she’s spent most of it sunning herself in the gardens. Not a bad way to go, really.

Might not be around for a while, considering.

2 thoughts on “Now that’s a character.

  1. How sad to hear, I’m so sorry. Sounds very similar to how our family cat passed, a few years ago. I still always expect to see her every time I go to my parent’s house…

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