You’ve gotta have space.

My parents are wonderful, and I love living with them, but I downsized from a two bedroom flat to, essentially, a bedroom. Not just a bedroom, but a bedroom I moved out of four years before and which had been put into other people’s service in the meantime. Currently we have a stand-off whereby I have said that I will tidy my bedroom just as soon as I have one. I need space to put my boxes of stationery, and my writing gear and research books, and probably pencil crayons.

A 1970s dressing table unit with overhead cupboard.So yesterday I bought a dressing table unit from Ebay, which I’m going to turn into a crafting workspace. It’s a 1970s thing, and it’s going to gain a fold-down workspace, some cork boards and some clothes-pins to store my projects in a nice neat way. I’m also meeting someone to talk about some art studio space in town, so I can get everything not just tidied away but out of the house. I have a desk, but nowhere to put it. I have bookcases, which are over full. My work space is the kitchen table, which I share with my mother.

We will get it all sorted out, but that will be much easier once more of my stuff is out of the way. So in the meantime, I’m going to go and look at nice, tidy work spaces on Pinterest.

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