Kaweco Aubergine Purple – Ink Review

I seem to have gone purple at the moment, and this has gone on the list. I do love bottled ink.

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Kaweco Aubergine Purple Ink Handwritten Review

PenKaweco Dia2 – Fine nib
Ink: Kaweco Aubergine Purple
Paper: Kyokuto FOB COOP Dot Grid – B5 (Available at JetPens.com)

Kaweco’s Aubergine comes in both cartridge and bottle form. It’s a pleasant shade of medium purple that I like quite a bit. It doesn’t fall into that wonderful “dusty purple” category I love so much, but it’s pretty darn close. Like all of the Kaweco inks I’ve tried, it’s very smooth and has great flow. There’s a surprisingly nice amount of shading considering that I did the review with a fine nib, I should really check this ink out in something a bit wider to unleash its full potential. I’m very happy about the new bottled ink format because I think it will really open the ink line up to more people, as their inks were only available in international short cartridges…

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