Filofax FAQs

Useful advice from the Queen of Filofax.

Janet Carr @


I am often asked questions about Filofaxes as I have quite a large collection and have used most of the models. I am also a long-time user. Today I wrote a list of the most common questions I am asked.

1. Should I get x or y? Which is better – Gillio or Van Der Spek? Should I use A5 or Personal? Shall I sell my x?

  • This is something no one else can answer for you. They can give you advice and opinions, but ultimately only you have your budget, your life, your circumstances, and this is a decision for you and you alone. It is a bit like asking people if you should break up with your boyfriend. No one knows that but you.

2. What size paper does a compact Filofax take?

  • Compact size uses personal sized paper, but because of the smaller ring-size, will not hold…

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