#NaNoPrep 1: Collect Your Kit

I start with this one, because it’s the most fun and can honestly take forever. If you’re going to write a novel, you need to have something to write it on and with. And if you’re me, that means you start buying notebooks in August and… let’s be honest, I never stop buying notebooks.

I put together these kits of novel writing stationery, based on all the kit I use.

I put together these kits of novel writing stationery, based on all the kit I use.

You could just buy a box full of all the stuff I use for novel writing. If you’d like to put your own together, though, here’s a suggestion list:

* Storage space you’re not going to misplace.
* Notebooks with more pages than you think you’re going to need
* Pens, spare pens and spare spare pens
* Post it notes.
* Another notebook

And if you’re going digital, you need a memory stick to back up your novel, and software of your choice.
My kit is actually a lot bigger. I like to plan on A3 paper, so I’ve got a big drawing pad. I also have an A5 hardbacked notebook that lives in my handbag with a Doctor Who pencil case, a 400 page Pukka Pad, and a desk pad of sticky notes. My travel pencil case has a dozen different colours, a set of travel chopsticks and a fountain pen. My main pencil case is actually a cutlery tray in my dressing table drawer.

On the techy side of it I have Evernote installed on a desktop, a laptop, a netbook, and an Android tablet and phone. I use WriteWay as my main writing software to organise my story, because it makes it so easy for me to change everything at the last minute, and use Sims to build my locations and visualise my characters.

I had everything ready, have had for months. So today I went to the supermarket to return a blouse and bought a four pack of swirly gel pens.

I’m not the only one who impulse buys stationery, right? What’s your more important piece of kit, and what should I have that I don’t?

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