#NaNoPrep 9: Warn your family

Yesterday’s advice was to get outside and get some fresh air, today’s is to spend some time with those you love most. If you’re going to need every second to get your words out, they might feel left out. Now is a good time to warn them of the madness on which you are about to embark, and to make sure you do actually get to see them over the next month. You want their support and encouragement, not their nagging. If you can, negotiate your way through the month in advance. Maybe Wednesday and Sunday are family days, when you don’t get to write but do get to see their lovely faces. Or maybe you’re going to write after dinner, and get the rest of the day with them, or get up early and have the house to yourself without someone asking strange questions.

Now is the best time to discuss these things, because it’s not something you want to have to discuss halfway through. If you’re using WriteWay, you can actually plug in your days off and it will calculate your personal daily target. Obviously, things happen that are outside our control. Kids get sick, partners have to work extra days, cats stubbornly refuse to negotiate and take your laptop hostage. But it’s definitely best to warn those closest to you, in the hope that they will bring you tea at 1000 word intervals.

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