#NaNoPrep 12: Form a Fellowship

Yesterday, I sent you to your ML. Today I am sending you to your buddy list. If you’re an old hand… you’ve probably not been paying attention for the last several posts, and that’s fine. You can sit this one out, too.

If you’re new to NaNo, though, you can find your Buddy List under My NaNoWriMo. This is where all the friends you’ve made through NaNo sit, with their little bars filling with words and their avatars going all halo-ed because they’ve donated to the cause. It might be completely empty for you, or you might have a couple of people in there already. If you want a friend, you can start with me! Hi! Or not, it’s up to you. I promise I’m not completely crazy.

NaNo is that fun run, remember? And it’s not actually much fun without the company, so now is a good time to hunt out your people. There’s plenty of options for doing that, too.

Tonnes of bloggers are doing NaNo, and often offering themselves up as buddies. It’s a good way to find the ickle firsties you’re joining with, as well as the old hands who give a fond but slightly weary sigh as November approaches. There’s loads of advice floating around, from people who are far better at it than I am.

And then there’s the forums. You can head to a genre lounge, where you can hang out with people who share your writing interests – and this being NaNo, we’ve probably got you covered. In years gone by I’ve written travelogues in space, ghost romances and dystopian superhero epics, and never been completely alone in my subgenre bubble. In the genre lounges you’ll find specific help and advice to get you through the month from genre-savvy participants. There’s also the regional lounges, where you’ll find people in your area to share coffee and frustrations with, and the age group lounges, which do the obvious. There’s always threads for LGBT participants, working mums, brides-to-be, military personnel, self-employed, university students, mad cat ladies and everything else you can possibly be, really.

Basically, whatever company you’re looking for, whatever boat you’re in, you’ll find others on the forums. Sometimes it doesn’t help to get support from a 5 year veteran who’s working 9-5 and writes 2000 words in an hour, when you’re juggling a million things and can barely get that hour, let alone the twenty it feels like you need. They’ll be there for you.

We all will.

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