NaNoWriMo day 3

This year is an exercise in “Help, the kittens are awake!” My parents have gone away for a couple of days, and left me in charge of our adorable balls of gorgeous.

In charge, she says, like the idea isn’t laughable.

I overslept today because they kept me awake last night, so they were late getting fed. As a result they’ve been completely frenetic, chasing everything everywhere, especially things they shouldn’t. I’ve also had to take a mouse’s head away from them, so it’s entirely possible that our older cat brought them something to eat whilst I was failing in my motherly duties. That’s a sweet thought, especially as he’s only a year old, but really, a head?

So pen to paper or fingers to keyboard are not happening all that much. Yesterday I managed to get some work done by tucking one of them inside my dressing gown, where he could be cosy and not grab at my hands for attention.

They have finally gone to sleep, though, so I’m going to empty their litter (best job ever, n/n?) and then work out more structure. Pantsing is not working for me at all.

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