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The prettiest thing in the world, a stack of soft-touch notebooks

The prettiest thing in the world, a stack of soft-touch notebooks

Once upon a time, I insisted that I had no brand loyalty. I bought whatever was most convenient, in everything.

Now, however, I go for Nexus phones, Punch Studios for my storage, and Eccolo for my notebooks. That stack there is all Eccolo. Three of the turquoise ones, actually, are completely identical, and I have duplicates in the office of the bottom one and the white and gold. Yep, that’s not even my complete collection.

So why do I have 15, at least, pristine notebooks of the same brand? In my defence, they’re not all pristine. The bottom one is the one I’m using for a novel about a bingo hall, one of the black ones is this year’s NaNo journal, and the match for the white and gold is my poetry notebook. I have used them, which is how I know that they are beautiful to use.

The covers are ever so soft and strokable, the pages are smooth and thick and take everything from cheap ballpens up to my Waterman broad nibbed Caréne beautifully, and they’re also so lovely to look at.

DSCF6745 But why do I have so many? Well that’s because they’re as expensive as they are beautiful. I bought the one on top, the red heart-embossed journal in Bristol the other day. The Bristol bit isn’t important, to be honest. On Amazon, it would set me back £18.99. You can’t get them on Ebay, and the supplies run out fast on Amazon.

They also run out fast where I get them, which is TK Maxx. I paid £3.99 for it. The bottom left and top right journals there were £5.99, and the other three were £4.99. That purple one in the bottom left is nearly £90 on Amazon. So when I see them in TK Maxx, I grab them. All of them.

And now I get to play with them ❤

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