A Thousand Tiny, Tiny Words

There are photos, but they are on my phone, and the battery is flat. I’m now waiting impatiently for Google to release the new Nexus 6 in the UK so I can have it. You’ll just have to take my word for it at the moment, my handwriting is tiny.

I’m using my Eccolo ‘Make Ideas Happen’ journal and Buckingham fountain pen, now inked up in pink. There are 256 pages to this journal, so I need to cram a minimum of 200 words to a page to avoid having to start a new one for the tail end of my NaNo project. At the start, I was managing far short of that. Thanks to the absurdly tiny nib on my Buckingham, I managed to cram 1055 words onto the last page.

I’ve managed just over 17,000 words, so I need to do 3 pages a day to keep up. Unfortunately, I’m doing most of my pages between midnight and 2am, which isn’t going to work if I actually want to win this thing. Tomorrow I have a write in in Leeds, where I will get out my cupcake and sprint like the wind to cram in as many tiny words as possible.

Oh, and my characters are crying a lot. It gets the words out.

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