Fountain Pens for Kids

Things I wish I’d known when I was at primary school. It took me over a decade to get back into fountain pens.

Wonder Pens - Life Behind a Stationery Shop

Usually around September we get a few parents coming by looking for fountain pens for their kids. Often these are parents whose children are in Montessori or private schools, and a fountain pen is on the school supply list provided. Many of these schools teach cursive writing and want their students to have proper tools for this experience.

Of course, hand in hand with running a fountain pen shop is treasuring hand writing, and I know many of my former students loved writing with fountain pens, although part of it may have been the novelty.

I know September has come and gone, but I figure with the holiday season around the corner, a few ideas may help with the gift-giving.

Fountain Pens for Kids, Fountain Pens for Children

Aside from the debate of whether or not cursive writing should be taught in schools, I think no one can argue with kids practising and building on their fine motor…

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