What to Do When a Scene Isn’t Working

Don't be "a writer."

writing a sceneSo let’s imagine you’re writing a scene.  At least, you’re trying to write a scene.  But it’s not coming easily: your prose is flat, your descriptions are plain, and your characters bore even you.

Sometimes you feel this way when you’re getting back into writing after a break, or when you’ve just started writing for the day.  But if you’re all warmed up and everything still feels like a struggle, this may be an indication that something larger is amiss.

If you can, you should take a break from this scene and write a different one, or consider cutting it from your story altogether.  But what do you do if the scene is integral to your plot?

When writing a scene becomes difficult, I always end up asking myself, is this scene awful?  Or am I awful?

I usually blame myself for a while.  But in reality, it’s usually just…

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