Post-NaNo Slump

December is always odd, in my experience. When I was younger, it was complete chaos, because I sang a lot. At the start of December I would do Handel’s Messiah – a tradition in this part of the world – and from then on, it would likely be a concert, rehearsal or carol event every night until Boxing Day.

These days, I have no such excuse. I’m just tired.

I finished NaNo at about half 10 on the 30th. It’s not the first time I’ve done that, but it was harder because of hand writing it. And since then, I’ve just been out of it. My kittens are adorable, but nocturnal. I can’t shut them out of my bedroom at night, and as a result they fight my feet, and come and headbutt me for affection at all hours of the night. And then they have breakfast at 7am, and come back up to me for more attention, thus giving me a 6 hour window to sleep.

We have been getting quite a lot done, but not enough. I’ve missed the last posting for the USA, which is irritating, and I still have a lot of cards to do for the UK. I’ve done a lot of RPing, which is plot development, but no writing.

And now I’m in full Christmas mode. Tomorrow is my last shopping day – a day out with my mother on the other side of the Pennines – and then on Saturday I can finally rebuild my bed and sort out my bedroom the way I want it. It’s all go, albeit very bittily.

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