Santa and Sales

A combination of being a terrible spendthrift and having amazing family and friends has given me even more lovely stuff to play with in the new year. Not least of this is a massive pile of discarded wrapping paper, which is going to be turned into gift tags, Christmas cards, Filofax Stuff and anything else I can think of. There’s a lot of it, and I think I’m probably still going to be finding uses for it this time next year, after I gain another huge pile. I love some of these ideas.

A Vintage London organiser from Paperchase.

First up is this beauty. It’s an A5 Vintage London organiser from Paperchase. I asked for this from my mum, as they had them on sale when she asked. They then disappeared from the website and I thought I’d missed my chance. Popped into the one in Leeds, though, and they had loads, so I grabbed it and passed it on to her to give back to me. It makes sense, I swear. It’s (as you can see) really pretty, it’s a chunky size with big rings, plenty of pockets, and a week on two pages layout that I really like. It came with a full calendar from July 2014 to December 2015, but obviously at this stage I didn’t need most of the pages. I’ve been using it for less than a week, but I’m getting used to it and have already started making my own layouts and stuff – more on my set-up later.


Half of this stuff I bought, half I didn’t. The self-bought things are the pencil case at the top (Tesco called it a wash bag, but they reduced it to £3.50 and sold it to me, so I’ll call it what I like) which is a bigger alternative to my little Doctor Who case, and everything down the right hand side. The post-its are from Lidl, the pens are from the National Pen Company (yes, I get branded pens, and they are awesome) and the hole punch is older than I am. Oh, and the Washi tape. One can never have enough Washi. There’s an Eccolo journal and a Punch Studios notebook from my best friend, Ash. She knows I love these brands because I have waxed lyrical at great length, and I squeed a lot at her when I opened them. On top of those are a Cross pen and pencil set, which were from my mother and not remotely surprising (she asked me which I liked best. I think the idea of ‘surprise’ has escaped her. Maybe it’s waiting to surprise her.) A big surprise was the stamp set at bottom left. It’s one of those office stamps with the set of letters for you to make your own message, and I had completely forgotten they exist. I mentioned to my brother that I like stamps, though, and he wouldn’t go far wrong with them, and this was the only stamp he could think of. Obviously, I meant the papercrafting ones, but this was so much cooler. Brotherly win or what?


Lidl and Aldi called, and I answered. At the top are two sets of Washi tape and metallic pens, bought in the sale at Aldi. Our local one really overstocked – like, over 450 stollens left on the 29th overstocked – so I got a lot of goodies. Like stollen. The other bits are from the office supplies flash event at Lidl. Some post-it note stuff I’ve never seen before, and Scotch Magic Tape, because you can never have enough tape.


And I raided the Range. Each item here cost me a whole £1! The post-its needed some adapting to fit into my new organiser, but with that row of tabs on the right folded back and some extra holes it fits fine. The heart-shaped paperclips are now clipped onto it, ready to use, and the stamps don’t show up well, but they are a calendar and a notepad, perfect for creating my own to-do lists. Again, more set-up stuff to follow.


Another Range haul. There’s my Christmas stamp, for making gift tags with my massive amount of wrapping paper, and a couple of ink pads to facilitate this. A set of envelopes, which were vastly reduced and always come in useful. A glue stick, for helping with gift tags. A stamp that creates a postcard layout – not sure how I’ll use this yet, but I’m sure I will. And a set of stickers for scrapbooking, of which I have quite a lot to do at the moment.

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