Hello 2015.

Happy New Year! I hope you had a magnificent night last night, and enjoyed the fireworks, drinking, eating and whatever else you used to celebrate. 2015 comes in with lots of potential, and I intend to face it organised. So I asked for an A5 Filofax for Christmas, and bought myself a personal to go with it. They’re both actually by Paperchase, because they’re incredibly pretty, but so far I’ve only used the A5. I plan to move onto the Personal once I have a job and therefore a life to manage.

20141225_154944 This is my A5 Filofax. It’s the Vintage London design, and I love the design. They did a whole range in this design, but it’s been discontinued and I have the notebook but no sticky notes. I should have thought of that, really.

20141225_154950 Inside it’s a lovely shade of purple, and with plenty of space for stuffing stuff. In the front I’ve got a zip pocket for cash and change and things I really can’t lose, several card slots, and another pocket that I can hide sticky note sheets, receipts and other loose things that will get thrown away pretty quickly.

In the back there’s a pen loop and two more pockets, one a full A5 for when I add sheets and don’t have my punch, and one vertical one that currently has my passport in it.

Inside I’m running a week on two pages layout, which is a bit more than I need for my hectic schedule (I go to the gym once a week and morris practice twice. So much excitement I can hardly stand it) and the notes section at the back is already filling up.

My agenda section is getting the most 20141230_115243use. On the left you can see a custom made to-do list for the week (two strips of Washi tape covering the date sections of a week page from 2014) and on the right is my day planner. It’s that rarest of creatures, an A5 day planner pad, bought from Typo in Kuala Lumpur because it had cats on it. I love Typo, and have since I discovered them in Melbourne. Finding the first one in Kuala Lunpur, less than a week after it opened, when I hadn’t even planned to go to KL, was a stroke of luck. It’s not quite right for a Filofax, and not quite right for me either, but it’s enough to work with, and giving me ideas for making my own layout up when I run out of sheets.

20141225_164657 20141225_164702Next up is my custom dashboard. It’s very simple. A piece of wrapping paper glued onto a piece of cracker box, cut to the right shape, then an A5 piece of paper stuck to the other side, finished off with an envelope I picked up in Vietnam that’s held shut with Washi tape, and six holes. It’s a place to stick stuff, but mostly it’s there to be pretty.

20141230_115636 And finally, there’s the random stuff I’ve shoved in there. This lot all came from The Range, which is a big home-stuff store found on the edges of towns in England. It has furniture, outdoor clothing, kitchen stuff, and a massive craft department. Each item cost me £1, and I got a sheet of post-it notes that needed minor adjustments (more holes and those tabs down the side folding back), ten heart shaped paperclips, and two clear stamps, one with a calendar and one with a notepad.

And now I feel ready for whatever 2015 has to throw at me. I didn’t even have a hangover this morning.

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