Favourite Stationery Shops – London

A trip to London is always amazing, and now it just got better.

Indonesia in my pocket

Stationery, is one of my weaknessess, and maybe spelling. 🙂 But have wanted to talk about this for a while. Whenever I travel I look into bookshops and stationery shops, rather than clothes shops. So on a theory that someone else out there is similar to me here are my favourites in London.


This brand is a chain in the UK you can find it easily everywhere here. In most big cities and train stations in Londn. However your stationery pilgrimage would not be complete if you have not visited the Tottenham Court Road, London, Paperchase main shop.

Tottenham Court Road paperchase front

detail window display paperchase

Three floors of stationery heaven. I could never leave this place without spending at least £20. I can spend hours just looking around and deciding what to buy. In a year they would do at least 2 cycle of new designs, and each cycle would have 4 – 6 collection designs…

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