Bag Hooks

I got my mum one of these, and she absolutely loves it. I typically go for satchels, which are too long to hang under a table, but I need one for my shorter bags.

Janet Carr @




Bag hooks, or bag hangers as they are sometimes called, are pretty easy to find. Generally any gift shop or place selling accessories has a selection. They come in many different styles – from plain discs to sparkly shapes. They make a very nice gift and are usually not expensive – usually from £5 to £10 though you do get some more pricey ones made by famous brands such as Aspinal.

I have been given several over the years but have never used them. In Sweden most restaurants have hooks under the tables or on the table legs to hold bags. If they do not have them I generally keep my bag on an empty chair beside me or my lap. I very seldom put my bag on the floor or the back of a chair because, coming from a country with a high crime rate as I do, this…

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