The Pen is poised: Anticipating & Advocating #InCoWriMo 2015

I’m in!

"fool with a pen..."

OK another year is now in full swing… gone are the Christmas decorations along with the tree and by now mouldy turkey and hardened leftover cheese. The question now is what do we do to keep our spirits up through the bleak quarter of January through March as we weather the financial and calorific cost of the past festive season and await the cheery warmth of Spring that still seems so far off?

Well we could do worse than put pen to paper and write, for it’s time again to speak about the upcoming International Correspondence Writing Month or InCoWriMo for short, ofetn seen on such social media platforms as Twitter with the hashtag thus #InCoWriMo. This February, as I sit here on a cold gloomy Thursday evening huddled around my laptop, only a mere nine days hence,  will see the start of the 2015 incarnation of this worthy event…

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