Coordinated Your Work Space

I do not need more projects… Whoops

Rachel Greenlee


Known as the season for refreshing and organizing, spring cleaning is just around the corner. Bring your work space out of winter’s cob webs by revamping your favorite office tools. With a few sheets of your favorite scrap-booking paper design, you can accessorize the most mundane supplies into Ikea-esque coordination.

First, select the office supplies you are looking to coordinate. Above we have altered a clip board, standing photo frame and some recycled boxed into the supplies pictured above. You will also need scissors, super glue or duck tape if you are trying to keep the mess of your project to a minimum.

First stencil the outline of your clip board on the back of your scrapbook paper. Simply cut the stencil out and clean up any edges that seem to hand off your edges. The paper glues very easily on to the clip board, so make sure your paper is…

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