Managing Time


I’m sure there’s a name for this time management method, but if there is I have no idea what it is. Please feel free to tell me if you know it.

As I mentioned yesterday, my life has slipped out of my control somewhat. Completely if I’m honest. I stay up until 2am playing computer games, then get up at 10 or 11 and start thinking about what I’m going to do with the day. It’s not good. In the spirit of having a fresh start for a fresh year I’ve already started doing job applications, but all that lethargy (and if I’m honest with myself, probably depression) aren’t helping with that. I found a listing for a job I would quite possibly kill for the other day, which is a good start to bucking up my ideas.

So I designed a new layout for myself. It’s based on the clock time management system I’ve seen all over the place, but the stamp is from a set of steampunk stuff I got at The Range and the text is a combination of the done-it and do-it lists.

On the clock, I record how I spend my time each day, including when I started. Different colours for blogging, job applications eating and appointments give me a good glance at how much time I’ve frittered. So far I’m doing well. I broke the day into hours, had an hour each for breakfast and lunch, an hour each for Pinterest and WordPress, and a two hour blitz on researching this job vacancy. So far, so good.

Above that I’ve been recording all the things I got done. It’s filling up already, which I like, and there’s a few more bits to go on there that I didn’t remember to write down. I decided to go with this method because I can get to the end of a day and feel like I’ve been busy but achieved nothing, and I think I need the pick-me up.

At the bottom I’ve got notes for things I need to do tomorrow, and when I do this for tomorrow I’ll have a section for ‘do it tomorrow’ and a section for ‘do it today’. If I use the system for a week and it seems to help, I’ll try to make myself a layout of that and my diet tracker to print out each day, or I could get an A5 stamp block and make myself a daily layout with that. Options. So far, I really like it.

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