Organiser for Weight Loss

One of my priorities at the moment is shifting some weight that’s accumulated over the last couple of years. I’ve not been slim for years, but I was a happily curvy size 14 when I was at university, and shall we just say that I’m not any more and leave it at that?

Fortunately, my local council has a fitness and weight loss scheme for those who need it (high BMI, arthritis, diabetes etc), which I enrolled on. I went to the fitness classes and then completely failed to go to the weight management ones because they were too early in the morning. Come the new year and a new course starting, and I’ve got on it and am starting again. It’s actually a really nice system, more about portion control and getting a healthy balance than cutting anything out. I get to eat most of my favourite things, but have to amend the ratios to get more veg and less meat and cards.

Of course, out came the planner to make everything easier. I made a divider for it, with a little pocket on the front that might come in useful, and a day marker that matches. I also made my own diet tracker, just pen and pencil and scanned daily, that I can use to keep track of what I’ve eaten and when. We were also given a booklet on healthy eating with information on portion sizes and a sheet of paper with our allowances on them, so I just put the things I actually eat onto a spreadsheet and combined the two, and that’s gone in there too.

6 thoughts on “Organiser for Weight Loss

  1. I would just eat a half portion for breakfast, etc. but only a half portion. Maybe for desert at lunch or supper. The strange thing is that God has just removed the desire for it from me. I feel free.

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