Correspondence Box

Inspired by The Penventory’s Post on creating a correspondence box, and the fact that I’m miles behind on International Correspondence Writing Month, I got out my own correspondence kit and had a bit of a tidy up. Below, predictably, are the photographs.

My correspondence storage box, a beautiful attaché case by Tri-Coastal design, bought at TK Maxx in Birmingham. I made my dad carry it around the pub for me.

The box has a polka dot lining, and is full of cards, pens and letter sets.

Inside the box, everything neatly stacked.

The contents of the correspondence box include sets of notecards, letter sets, a handful of pens, some stickers and a variety of postcards.

The contents of my correspondence kit:
A) A set of Butterfly notecards by Punch Studios, bought at TK Maxx.
B) The last paper and envelope from a set I bought somewhere in Vietnam.
C) A letter set, also bought at TK Maxx. The wallet is a fun vintage office design, but the paper is plain and not great quality.
D) At the bottom, a lovely letter set from TK Maxx that my best friend got me for Christmas or birthday. It’s a lovely box, which I will keep using after I’ve run out of paper.
E) Hotel stationery, one last set of paper and nevelope each from Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. I used a lot of it on my trip.
F) Postcards from all six countries I visited on my trip.
G) Some postcards and notecards from my local area.
H) The pens. Can’t write without them. A Pentel Slicci in pink, a gold marker from Lidl, a Cross ballpoint, and my beloved Waterman Carené.
I) Some stickers from the Singapore Philatelic Museum, for decorating letters.
J) A set of Thank You cards, from TK Maxx.

Just on the edge of the shot you can see the bottom of my gorgeous Kimmidoll writing set wallet. It was a gorgeous letter set, from TK Maxx, and once I finished all the paper I started using the wallet to keep letters I’ve received and rough drafts of letters I’ve sent.

And if you’d like me to use my kit and send you something, feel free to drop me a message or tweet me at @LexyNeedham.

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