Remembering London: New Filofax

Sheffield was good to me in terms of goodies. As well as the journal I’ve been looking for for a year, I also found this little beauty. Obviously it was the colours that caught my eye, but it was the Olympics that won me over. I picked it up and carried it around WH Smith, then put it down and went for another wander, but once I’d read up on it I was straight back there to get it after all.

This is the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Line Burst Filofax in pink. Yes, that does appear to be its full name. It’s very definitely intended to be a beginner’s Filofax and an introduction to the brand, and each page has a reminder of the paper size it takes. Most of the diary is the week to view layout that I really like, but when the Olympics and Paralympics were on each day got its own page, with space to insert the supplied stickers to mark the events you watched. At the back there’s tonnes of information about the different sports, the venues and the history of the Olympics and Paralympics.

My new best friend. It shall remain unsullied, and I shall call it Hannah.

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