Introducing my Guycrush

Let’s get one thing straight, I’m not. I like the ladies, usually. But like every straight girl seems to have her girlcrush, I found my guycrush. It’s pretty intense at the moment, actually.

In the pool.

This 6’3″ hunk of man is David Miller, a South African cricketer. Leaving aside the fact that he is very easy on the eye, he’s also incredibly sweet and openly affectionate with everyone from his tiny baby niece to the scariest of his teammates, and a world class player. I first saw him playing for Yorkshire, my home county, when I remembered the stunning catch he took on the boundary right in front of me, but not either of the players involved. The other one was my favourite English player, Sheffield-born Joe Root. Now I know that, I wish I’d paid more attention.

This section is probably not going to mean a lot if you don’t follow cricket, but I think David Miller is a good reason to start following it. His fielding is usually amazing – he got a real blinder of a run out during the World Cup, and has taken numerous stunners to change matches – and after several years of earning a reputation as an unstoppable finisher in the shortest form of the game, he’s finally stepped up and scored two centuries in the one day format. We’re now expecting to see him flex those impressive muscles in the longest, traditional format of the game, probably by the time England tour there this winter. Heaven help us. If you don’t understand cricket, you probably won’t understand how impressive it is that he’s scored 11 maximums off just six innings during the World Cup, but trust me it’s awesome. Especially when you consider that in one of those innings ne actually tripped over his feet and scored a big fat 0.

And this photo was taken right after

David ‘Killer’ Miller and Dale ‘the Steyn Remover’ Steyn celebrating a dismissal.

he tackled his teammate to the ground in a flying hug. In the last match he was hugging another teammate almost before he’d taken the catch. Sportsmen tend to be more openly affectionate with each other than their fans might epect of each other, but Miller takes it to a whole new level. Whoever he’s playing for, and he currently represents a side in the Indian Premier League, his state in South Africa and his country, he always seems to have a really close bond with all of his teammates.

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