Really simple table decorations

I’ve been really busy this weekend, helping to organise a family friend’s 60th birthday party. He’s my brother’s godfather, and I got roped in by the question, “are you any good at decorations?” Turns out I’m not terrible, although it has been a process of experimentation. And, of course, I didn’t get a decent photo of the finished article.

We had eight tables to do and a big hall, so it had to be something fairly cheap, quick to put together, that added colour and a bit of light to each table and a bit of height to make the ceiling feel lower. The lanterns are £2 each at Ikea and the candles are actually battery-powered and were £1.99 for a pack of 12 from the Range. They became anchors for half a dozen balloons each, which is the expensive bit. Helium is a frightful price, it turns out, but each balloon still only comes out to about 60p. I also added some gorgeous wooden white roses, because it was a Yorkshire themed party and red roses are banned from my life, which were £20 for 100, and put 10 to a table. All told, about £10 a table.

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