Personalised Wedding Favours

This is mostly an aide memoir for me, but I can’t be the only one who thinks these are cool. There’s so much stuff available for putting your brand on, why not use them as wedding favours or even invitations? All of these were grabbed from the same site, but the options are endless and suited to most budgers. The cheapest things are a few pence a piece, the most expensive a couple of quid.

Sticky notes
Sticky note booklet
Spiral notebook
Casebound notebook

Who don’t need no stinking badges?
Bottle opener cum torch cum keyring
Magnetic bottle opener
Christmas cookie cutter set for a winter wedding.

On the Day favours:
Bubble blowers instead of confetti?
Beer mats

Jelly bean box
Tins of mints. Brilliant if you’re having strongly mflavoured food.
Boxes of Love Hearts
Jars of boiled sweets
Stick of rock
Jars of hearts

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