Touching base

Pretty much a dash in and out of here. I’ve spent the last few weeks frantically working on a PhD proposal as part of a job application, and four days from now I’ll be settling into my bed on Corfu at the start of a week away with my best friend. After that she’s coming back to my parents’ with me to look at apartments, in the hope that I get a job soon and we can move in together (interview last Monday, should hear this week), and I get started with getting quotes for my brother’s wedding next spring.

In short, the downtime didn’t last long, and I’m busier than ever. No idea how I’ll cope if I do get a job, although then I won’t spend all my time doing job applications at least! Sorry I’ve missed so much blogging, but I’ve not even made it on Pinterest this month. Too much busy, but I do have a couple of book reviews to write from the research I was doing.

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