Here we go!

It’s very nearly November 1st, and the first day of my NoMoNaNoWriMo. I have dug out the plan for a story I abandoned over a year ago, and I am ready to make a fresh start on it. With any luck this month should break the back of what remains to be written. It’s probably never going to be good enough to polish up (it’s fanfiction, and would take a complete rewrite that I don’t think it deserves), but I will at least give closure to the few who are still reading it.

A dead fanfiction in a dead fandom, with characters I’ve lost my touch with. Bring it on.

Wordcount: 0
Boozy hot chocolates: 1
Wine: 1


A Weekend Away

I’m sitting on a bus that will take me from work to a training course the next town over. It’s giving me time to do Stuff, the little bits that I need internet access for but which become secondary to the bulk of my internet time, like playing Sims and wrangling my solicitors. More on that later.

Work had been getting to me lately. Not because I don’t like iit. I love my job and have definitely dropped lucky, considering the job I got isn’t the one they advertised and I applied for. But even the best job can become a chore when you do a lot of it. I did 17 hours of overtime in September, and my weekends when I wasn’t working were filled with busyness, like a morris festival and helping my brother find a job and trying to plan his wedding. Blogging has become very much an afterthought, partly because I have too many first thoughts. Currently my journal is about A7 and I don’t fill it in every day. I need to get better at carving that time out for myself.

This weekend just gone, I found that I had three days off in a row. It only happens very occasionally, but because I will be working this Saturday I get a day off during the week, and it happened to be Monday, so gave me three days. This was enough for me to get away, and I hopped on the hour and a half train journey to Blackpool, where I was joined by my best friend. It was an eye-opening experience. My first rollercoaster ride in years, my first overnight trip to Blackpool, my first trip there in, probably, nearly 20 years. It is everything my Mum recalled. Seedy, past it, covered with a veneer of glamour that doesn’t hide the peeling paint and strip joints.

I loved getting away and spending time with Ash, but that doesn’t mean I have to love the place I went.

Sunday Shopping

Today was the Calderdale Model Railway Society’s annual exhibition, and as I hadn’t been for years I decided to go. It was also car boot day right outside the leisure centre where it was being held, so of course we had a look around that as well, and then I decided I was going to do kangaroo for dinner so we had to go to Lidl too.

Lidl, sadly, had no kangaroo (we’re having chicken instead), but they did have a gorgeous pink food processor for just £50. At the car boot sale I cam off even better, with a beautiful pair of decorative jugs for just £1 each. They’re by Laguna Ceramic Arts, about whom I can find nothing, but they were so pretty I had to have them. Now I just need to work out what to do with this stuff until I get the house and have somewhere to store them…

What a Test Match that was!

This Sporting Life

The atmosphere and noise generated at Edgbaston Cricket Ground is unequalled in this country. We were there Wednesday and Thursday for the first two days of the Third Ashes Test and from the first ball onwards the noise was unbelievable.

Stuart Broad bowling to Chris Rogers in Australia's second innings Stuart Broad bowling to Chris Rogers in Australia’s second innings

It’s certainly a hostile atmosphere for the opposition to contend with, particularly when the opposition is Australia, but having said that the crowd are always quick to acknowledge good performances by opposition players. Mitchell Johnson scored his 2000th Test run and took his 300th Test wicket in this match and both events were warmly applauded by the capacity crowd. The rest of the time of course he is fair game and ‘The Mitchell Johnson’ song was heard frequently throughout the match. He handles it far better than he used to – probably because his bowling these days is usually anything…

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Well, I’m back

I let my WordPress elapse, and have been away for ages. It elapsed in April, and now it’s July.

The good news is that it’s partly because my job search intensified, with a lot more interviews, and now I’m in work again. Less time, less energy, but more fun and more money, so it’s all good in the end. I know I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, though.

And now, another challenge or two

My brother and his fiancée have finally, officially, set a date, and they’ve asked me to help them organise it. I’ve always wanted to plan a wedding, so I’m a bit concerned that I’m going to turn into Bridezilla. It should be a really low key affair, with morris dancing around our local area and a celidh to finish.

In the more immediate, I’m doing my usual last minute thing, this time on a job application. I’ve already missed the deadline once on this one, but they relisted it and I took the hint. The problem is that it needs a research proposal, and I have a lot of reading to do before I can put that together. I was meant to be doing it today, but instead I helped out in the garden and then cooked the most amazing Chinese spread for dinner.

The deadline is creeping closer, and all I’ve managed to do is locate an essay I wrote on the subject for my BA and build a bookshelf to house all my textbooks. Watch this space.