Scavenger Hunt: AKA reasons to love TK Maxx

The grail.

The grail.

There are always a few things on my list of ‘really want, must buy if I see it’. Quite frankly, if I just wrote my list out and stuck to it it would be good for my bank balance, but that’s another story. One item that has been on the list for a long time now is a very specific type of journal. I wanted a thick, leather bound, hardback, A5 journal with good quality paper. An inch thick minimum, and not more than £20.

I don’t even know why I want it, apart from the fact that Ianto Jones had one in Torchwood, and it looked cool with half the papers crinkled from use and stuffed with notes. His was smaller, but I like A5, and had a lock on it, but I’d only lose the key.

So I knew what I wanted. To give you an idea of how long I’ve been looking, Ianto was written out of the show in 2009. I’ve still not forgiven them for that one, incidentally. I’ve written a lot of Torchwood fanfiction, and for a long time I wondered about rewriting my mega fanfiction from the start in the style of journal entries, and do it properly, in the journal. But no, that would be silly, and anyway I couldn’t find something that matched what I wanted.

Skip to the present, and TK Maxx is possibly my favourite stationery shop. It has provided me with my favourite brand of journal – Eccolo World Traveller – and so many pretty shiny things, often seen and grabbed, because they’ll never cross my path again. Whenever I go away, I check out TK Maxx for shiny things and different buyers. And lo and behold, in TK Maxx in the centre of Sheffield, there it was. An inch thick, made in Italy with genuine leather, heavy pages and A5, and just £10. Five years of searching, and it finally came home with me.

I am a happy stationery addict, but I have no idea what I’m going to use it for.

Writing and lots of it

No InCoWriMo photo this day, despite the envelope looking really cool, because it’s quite small and I’d have to blank the whole thing out to blank out my friend’s address. She’s not very well at the moment, so she got card number 2.

As for what else I’ve been working on,

A couple of pages of fairly small, fairly scrawled notes.

I’ve got a lot more pages to fill like this, but I’ve made a start

it’s been brain-melting but interesting. I’m sort of working with a charity based out in South East Asia who run volunteering projects with schools, and I’ve tasked myself with putting together a case study of their projects as an assessment of their sustainability and etc. I’m a massive tourism geek, basically.

My kit is a multi pen and a four subject, The Muppets notebook that I think I picked up for free at a Freecycling volunteering session. Might have bought it, I suppose. The pen I definitely bought. It’s a Bic 4-Colours, bought after seeing multi pens recommended but before the Well Appointed desk did a brilliant post on the best multi pen brands. They didn’t have any of those brands at Tesco, either, and then I picked up a couple of the metallic-effect Shine ones on BOGOF at Lidl today, so I won’t need mopre for a while.

I am loving the multi pens. I got them for my organisers, and there’s one in each of them, useful for listing all my events and making it clear that there’s more than one even if I’ve not sorted out a colour coding system yet. They have been worth about ten times their weight in gold (because they’re only light) for my academic stuff. No more changing pens to mark out the citations, or putting things on post-its and losing them. Just click and change colour.

The little flag is from a pack of 5 colours for 50p. The annoying thing is that the arrows are the non-sticky end.