Travel Journal

I’ve been loving Amelia Writers Here‘s posts on memory keeping and scrapbooking lately, and I remembered that I’ve done very little since last September, and the last really big project I did was my travel journal for South East Asia. For that trip I took with me an A4 journal from Robert Frederick (this one, and my Kingsley Buckingham. Halfway through the trip, I found several boxes of Pelikan Violet ink catridges very cheaply in Hanoi, so that was the ink from then on. Prior to that, I can’t remember at all. Continue reading


DoCrafts, as well as doing some wonderfully pretty crafting goodies in shops up and down the country, offer an excellent selection free to download from their website. I’m particularly in love with the butterflies and the Indian selection at the moment. There’s templates for sewing projects and cards, as well. All available here.

ETA: Papercrafter Magazine has a similar collection here

Santa and Sales

A combination of being a terrible spendthrift and having amazing family and friends has given me even more lovely stuff to play with in the new year. Not least of this is a massive pile of discarded wrapping paper, which is going to be turned into gift tags, Christmas cards, Filofax Stuff and anything else I can think of. There’s a lot of it, and I think I’m probably still going to be finding uses for it this time next year, after I gain another huge pile. I love some of these ideas.

A Vintage London organiser from Paperchase.

First up is this beauty. It’s an A5 Vintage London organiser from Paperchase. I asked for this from my mum, as they had them on sale when she asked. They then disappeared from the website and I thought I’d missed my chance. Popped into the one in Leeds, though, and they had loads, so I grabbed it and passed it on to her to give back to me. It makes sense, I swear. It’s (as you can see) really pretty, it’s a chunky size with big rings, plenty of pockets, and a week on two pages layout that I really like. It came with a full calendar from July 2014 to December 2015, but obviously at this stage I didn’t need most of the pages. I’ve been using it for less than a week, but I’m getting used to it and have already started making my own layouts and stuff – more on my set-up later.

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Shop update! Price drop

Because I am hopelessly behind on NaNoWriMo (about halfway to where I need to be) and need some encouragement, I’m dropping the price on these gorgeous gift sets by £10 each. That means that the biggest box with all its goodies is down to £40, and the littlest one is just £20. Perfect for Christmas gifts for the writer in your life, especially if they’re doing better than I am at reaching the NaNo target! They’re available on my Shopify store at Creativity In The Box, and shipping worldwide.

Prices are reduced from now until 50,000 words

Prices are reduced from now until 50,000 words

I have been to the dark side…

And they do, indeed, have cupcakes, but I did not imbibe.

My mum had a meeting in Manchester, so I hitched a lift across the Pennines. Manchester proved to be a treasure trove of delights and rain, and I came back with a small but sparkly collection of scrapbooking and card making things.

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