Customer Service at its best

We British are famous for complaining. It’s also well known that everyone is more likely to tell people about bad service than they are about good. I actually have a lengthy screed about the service we got from the RAC and their contractor yesterday, but I am so in love with giffgaff that I’m writing this instead.

giffgaff is a mobile network in the UK. I’ve been on the network for about eighteen months now, and I have very few complaints. Yes, sometimes the network is slow and it doesn’t have the best coverage, but I’m paying £10 a month for unlimited texts, 500 minutes and 1GB data. I’ve never exceeded any of those.

The network is basically run by its members, which means that we get things that are really useful. One of these is free calls to 0800 numbers. They’re free from landlines, but most mobile networks charge for them. The RAC (a breakdown service) don’t seem to see a problem with this, and have actually advised people to walk to a phone box or shop if they break down away from home and they don’t want to pay for the call. I’ll leave you to work through the many levels of fail in that logic. giffgaff, though, say that a free call from a landline should also be free from a mobile, so yesterday my mum was using my phone to call the RAC so, so many times to chase up our rescue.

As if that wasn’t awesome enough, their customer service kicked in over Twitter after I tweeted to say how awesome their free calls were. Their Twitter handler kept me endlessly entertained, offered to play 20 questions with me to keep me amused, and even offered to send me pizza. By the end of the day I was tired, cold and hungry, and still laughing.

So if you’re fed up with bad customer service and sky high mobile bills, check them out. The link below is my affiliate link, so I’ll get points if you activate a SIM. These can be traded for phone credit or a PayPal payment, or can be donated to a charity chosen by the members at each quarter, so if you try the service and like it you can become an affiliate too.

If you get an O2 signal, you’ll be fine on giffgaff. If you only get Vodafone, best to avoid it. I can only get a signal if I put my phone on the windowsill.

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