NoMoNaNoWriMo Day 10

Target word count for today: 16670 words.
My wordcount: 8610

News: NaNoWriMo is hard when you can’t be bothered with it.

The story is actually flowing quite nicely, when I can drag myself to the keyboard. The characters are making a certain amount of sense and developing into more fully-fledged people than they were before, my descriptions are less clunky than I remember, and I keep coming up with new plotlines.

It’s just making myself write that’s the problem. I finished work early yesterday and still didn’t manage to meet my target, and although I’ve not been in work at all today I’ve also not done any writing. I used to be prolific, churning out 2000 words in an afternoon with no problem, but now it’s like pulling teeth. I’ve slept, I’ve eaten, I’ve procrastinated, and nothing works.

The time has come for drastic action. I need to par-boil the potatoes, which doesn’t really take long enough for me to write, but once that’s done I will get out my cupcake timer and set myself some word sprints to try and get something out. One of the problems is that I’m publishing as I go, so I can’t just write rot and edit it out later.

Still, I have a big, wordy chapter up next, so if I make a start I should get to my target easily. Should.