Touching base


Pretty much a dash in and out of here. I’ve spent the last few weeks frantically working on a PhD proposal as part of a job application, and four days from now I’ll be settling into my bed on Corfu at the start of a week away with my best friend. After that she’s coming back to my parents’ with me to look at apartments, in the hope that I get a job soon and we can move in together (interview last Monday, should hear this week), and I get started with getting quotes for my brother’s wedding next spring.

In short, the downtime didn’t last long, and I’m busier than ever. No idea how I’ll cope if I do get a job, although then I won’t spend all my time doing job applications at least! Sorry I’ve missed so much blogging, but I’ve not even made it on Pinterest this month. Too much busy, but I do have a couple of book reviews to write from the research I was doing.


Found this little beauty in Paperchase, in the stores at Covent Garden and Leeds so far. It’s £16, and comes with 18 months of planner, starting in Luly this year. I know a few people will love it.
Best thing is that it matches one of their wedding lines, so you can have a wedding organiser that matches your stationery, and some of that set is neutral enough for use in everyday life. The letter paper, for instance, is my new favourite.

Remembering London: New Filofax

Sheffield was good to me in terms of goodies. As well as the journal I’ve been looking for for a year, I also found this little beauty. Obviously it was the colours that caught my eye, but it was the Olympics that won me over. I picked it up and carried it around WH Smith, then put it down and went for another wander, but once I’d read up on it I was straight back there to get it after all.

This is the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Line Burst Filofax in pink. Yes, that does appear to be its full name. It’s very definitely intended to be a beginner’s Filofax and an introduction to the brand, and each page has a reminder of the paper size it takes. Most of the diary is the week to view layout that I really like, but when the Olympics and Paralympics were on each day got its own page, with space to insert the supplied stickers to mark the events you watched. At the back there’s tonnes of information about the different sports, the venues and the history of the Olympics and Paralympics.

My new best friend. It shall remain unsullied, and I shall call it Hannah.

Travel Journal

I’ve been loving Amelia Writers Here‘s posts on memory keeping and scrapbooking lately, and I remembered that I’ve done very little since last September, and the last really big project I did was my travel journal for South East Asia. For that trip I took with me an A4 journal from Robert Frederick (this one, and my Kingsley Buckingham. Halfway through the trip, I found several boxes of Pelikan Violet ink catridges very cheaply in Hanoi, so that was the ink from then on. Prior to that, I can’t remember at all. Continue reading

Writing and lots of it

No InCoWriMo photo this day, despite the envelope looking really cool, because it’s quite small and I’d have to blank the whole thing out to blank out my friend’s address. She’s not very well at the moment, so she got card number 2.

As for what else I’ve been working on,

A couple of pages of fairly small, fairly scrawled notes.

I’ve got a lot more pages to fill like this, but I’ve made a start

it’s been brain-melting but interesting. I’m sort of working with a charity based out in South East Asia who run volunteering projects with schools, and I’ve tasked myself with putting together a case study of their projects as an assessment of their sustainability and etc. I’m a massive tourism geek, basically.

My kit is a multi pen and a four subject, The Muppets notebook that I think I picked up for free at a Freecycling volunteering session. Might have bought it, I suppose. The pen I definitely bought. It’s a Bic 4-Colours, bought after seeing multi pens recommended but before the Well Appointed desk did a brilliant post on the best multi pen brands. They didn’t have any of those brands at Tesco, either, and then I picked up a couple of the metallic-effect Shine ones on BOGOF at Lidl today, so I won’t need mopre for a while.

I am loving the multi pens. I got them for my organisers, and there’s one in each of them, useful for listing all my events and making it clear that there’s more than one even if I’ve not sorted out a colour coding system yet. They have been worth about ten times their weight in gold (because they’re only light) for my academic stuff. No more changing pens to mark out the citations, or putting things on post-its and losing them. Just click and change colour.

The little flag is from a pack of 5 colours for 50p. The annoying thing is that the arrows are the non-sticky end.

Organiser for Weight Loss

One of my priorities at the moment is shifting some weight that’s accumulated over the last couple of years. I’ve not been slim for years, but I was a happily curvy size 14 when I was at university, and shall we just say that I’m not any more and leave it at that?

Fortunately, my local council has a fitness and weight loss scheme for those who need it (high BMI, arthritis, diabetes etc), which I enrolled on. I went to the fitness classes and then completely failed to go to the weight management ones because they were too early in the morning. Come the new year and a new course starting, and I’ve got on it and am starting again. It’s actually a really nice system, more about portion control and getting a healthy balance than cutting anything out. I get to eat most of my favourite things, but have to amend the ratios to get more veg and less meat and cards.

Continue reading