Organiser for Weight Loss

One of my priorities at the moment is shifting some weight that’s accumulated over the last couple of years. I’ve not been slim for years, but I was a happily curvy size 14 when I was at university, and shall we just say that I’m not any more and leave it at that?

Fortunately, my local council has a fitness and weight loss scheme for those who need it (high BMI, arthritis, diabetes etc), which I enrolled on. I went to the fitness classes and then completely failed to go to the weight management ones because they were too early in the morning. Come the new year and a new course starting, and I’ve got on it and am starting again. It’s actually a really nice system, more about portion control and getting a healthy balance than cutting anything out. I get to eat most of my favourite things, but have to amend the ratios to get more veg and less meat and cards.

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New organiser unboxing

I finally got to go to Paperchase today, prompted by a discussion with The Well Appointed Desk, and picked up this beautiful little thing. I decided that an A5 and a personal is too much, but I did need something considerably smaller than my A5 to go in my smaller handbags. As a result, and because I had a lift to Leeds, I went and rescued this from the half price sale, and my personal is now on Ebay.