Found this little beauty in Paperchase, in the stores at Covent Garden and Leeds so far. It’s ¬£16, and comes with 18 months of planner, starting in Luly this year. I know a few people will love it.
Best thing is that it matches one of their wedding lines, so you can have a wedding organiser that matches your stationery, and some of that set is neutral enough for use in everyday life. The letter paper, for instance, is my new favourite.


Another brand that’s let me down, and this time it’s stationery heaven: Paperchase.

20141225_154944Every stationery fan in the UK must love Paperchase. It’s a magical wonderland of shiny things, with really practical and functional items all in beautiful designs. They have to try really hard to put a foot wrong. Both of my organisers are from them, because their designs are nicer than Filofax, they’re the same sizes, and they’re a lot cheaper. This one is my A5, in the Vintage London design. I also have a notebook in the same design, waiting for the perfect project, and when I found them in the sale I picked up the box of post-it notes in the same design.

They’re so pretty, but they are also utterly useless. Sad, but apparently true. I’ve tried all the different sizes now, and I’ve had the same problem with all of them. The problem is that the sticky notes just aren’t sticky. Or they are, but on the top rather than the bottom. The glue is actually too sticky, so it stays behind on the next note, and there’s nothing there to adhere it to whatever you’re noting. You can see in the left hand photo how the note is curling up, and that’s right after I stuck it down.

Not a happy bunny. I’ll still shop there, but not for sticky notes.

I have been to the dark side…

And they do, indeed, have cupcakes, but I did not imbibe.

My mum had a meeting in Manchester, so I hitched a lift across the Pennines. Manchester proved to be a treasure trove of delights and rain, and I came back with a small but sparkly collection of scrapbooking and card making things.

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